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Those are only some of the prices of our services. For further information about services which are not listed above make an appointment and find out details.

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RSD Euros
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General and Estetic Dentistry

RSD Euros
Composite (white) filling3.200 - 4.800 RSD30€ - 41€
Tooth restoration with with filling5.000 RSD42€
GJC filling2.500 RSD20€
Composite veneers4.800 RSD41€
Deep decay therapy1.000 RSD8€
MTA placement2.500 RSD20€
Sealing of fissures1.800 RSD15€
Root canal treatment incisor5.500 RSD47€
Root canal treatment premolar6.000 - 6.500 RSD50€ - 54€
Root canal treatment molar8.000 - 8.500 RSD67€ - 72€
Removal of tartar and teeth polishing on both jaws2.500 RSD20€
Treatment of periodontal pocket1.000 RSD8€
Partial acrylic denture per jaw30.000 RSD250€
Total acrylic denture per jaw30.000 RSD250€
Metal-based denture with a pair of attachments per jaw60.000 RSD500€
Metal ceramic crown12.000 RSD100€
Zirconium ceramic crown23.000 RSD200€
Emax crown26.000 RSD220€
Ceramic veneers26.000 RSD220€
Metal core build-up7.000 RSD58€
Fiberglass core build-up6.000 RSD50€
Temporary crown (per tooth)1.800 - 2.500 RSD15€ - 20€
Cementing the old crown1.000 RSD9€
Replacement of old attachments (per jaw)4.000 RSD35€
Denture relining7.000 RSD58€
Reparation of denture6.000 RSD50€
Night guard (per jaw)4.500 RSD38€
Dental clinic teeth whitening per 1 session20.000 RSD180€
Teeth whitening with trays and paste20.000 RSD180€
Tooth extraction with anaesthesia3.000 RSD25€
Complex tooth extraction with anaesthesia4.000 RSD33€
Wisdom tooth extraction4.000 RSD33€
Extraction of residual roots3.000 RSD25€
Therapy for alveolitis2.000 RSD15€
Intraoral incision of abscess2.000 RSD15€

Price list is valid from 22nd of May 2023. Prices from the website are not definite and they are susceptible to change. Prices in Euros are not definite as well because they depend on the exchange rate.