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We will help you in dental health care with a wide selection of categories that you can choose according to your needs

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a modern method that allows you to achieve brighter, whiter, more aesthetically pleasing teeth in a very simple and quick way. Whitening is an indispensable part of aesthetic dentistry, especially when patients are satisfied with the shape and position of their front teeth. The causes of tooth discoloration can be internal (genetics, changes occurring during the formation of hard dental tissues, i.e. tooth development, mainly under the influence of medications), and external (lifestyle, consumption of colored products - food and drinks, cigarettes, inadequate oral hygiene). When the discoloration is limited to one tooth, it most often occurs as a result of trauma or dental treatment, i.e. endodontic therapy. After you express your desire to achieve a few shades of lighter teeth, in agreement with the dentist, it will be determined which whitening method is the most acceptable for you, in accordance with expectations, current status, and lifestyle. In office whitening method takes about an hour, while with home whitening, with the help of tooth whitening set and splints that you get from your dentist, you can organize your own time. Of course, sometimes a combination of these two methods is needed, in order to meet the patient's expectations and achieve a perfectly bright smile. It is necessary to know that before whitening it is necessary to remove plaque buildup, repair all defects, also important information is that whitening will not whiten existing fillings in the mouth, as well as crowns, and it is necessary to consult a dentist about this intervention. The preparations we use in the office are from a renowned manufacturer, they are very safe for hard dental tissues, they provide fairly long shade stability, minimal hypersensitivity, and are very easy to use. An important fact is that they have an almost neutral PH (they do not damage the enamel), and they have an integrated formula for significantly reduced sensitivity, so the use of additional preparations generally is not needed. The effect of teeth whitening can last for years and it is in correlation with your habits, i.e. proper oral and dental hygiene, as well as the habit of consuming colored drinks. It is noticeable that the patients who whitened their teeth significantly reduced the intake of pigments through food and drinks voluntarily, and that the patients did not return to their initial tooth color.

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If you are missing one or more teeth, we can solve the problem by making dental restorations. Depending on how many teeth are missing or if it's just an aesthetic problem, we make fixed and mobile restorations in our office. The priority is to restore normal chewing function and joint position, as well as aesthtics, which must meet standards and make the crowns indistinguishable from your natural ones teeth. Depending on the material from which they are made, crowns can be metal-ceramic and metal-free crowns - zircon crowns. Superior aesthetic results can be achieved with metal-free ceramic crowns, primarily due to the transparency of the material itself, which transmits light rays in almost the same way as dental tissues. There are cases when the arrangement of the teeth or the quality of the remaining teeth do not allow us to make a fixed restoration. Then it is possible, with the evaluation of the dentist, to create the so-called combined work consisting of crowns or bridges and a prosthesis that compensates for the toothless part of the jaw. With modern materials, it is almost impossible to notice which teeth are in the prosthesis and which are under the crowns, because the prosthesis is attached with special systems without hooks. If you don't have any of your teeth, by making total dentures we will restore your lost smile, facial harmony, and the lost function of the chewing system.

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Oral surgery

Although we try to take care of all our patients in a non-surgical way, sometimes it is really necessary to do a surgical procedure in order to get rid of the patient's pain or problem. It is important that there is a solution! Small surgical interventions such as extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth, complicated tooth extraction, residual roots, frenulum removal, apicotomies (removal of the process from the top of the tooth root) are performed under local anesthesia by an oral surgeon with many years of experience in his work.

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Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry aims to maintain the health of the mouth and teeth. It is aimed at suppressing factors that can impair the function of the chewing system, that is, it deals with the protection of the mentioned system. Motivation and training in maintaining oral hygiene is the basis of preventive dentistry. We will explain to you how to preserve your teeth in the best way and show them off proudly. Professional removal of plaque buildup should be carried out regularly. The aim of this intervention is to preserve and maintain the supporting partof the teeth as long as possible, i.e. to avoid or prolong the appearance of periodontal disease. Local application of fluoride involves coating the teeth with various gels and varnishes that contain high concentrations of fluoride. The aim of the intervention is to strengthen the resistance of the teeth to bacteria, and it is mainly carried out in the younger population. Fissure filling is a method used to protect newly erupted permanent teeth from the accumulation of food and plaque in their deepest parts. A certain material (fissure sealant) is placed on the surface of the tooth itself, and helps to preserve its health. It can also be performed on milk teeth. Making a splint (splint) for people who have bruxism, that is, who grind their teeth at night. Splints can reduce tear of dental tissue caused by grinding teeth, pain in muscles and joints, as well as headaches from the same cause. It can also be made for people who engage in contact sports in order to protect teeth from injury.

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Examination and consultation

Whether you have a problem, a desire or a need, or you just want to come for a regular check-up, make an appointment - come for an examination and consultation. These services are free. We will do our best to answer all your questions, to free you from possible fear, and to suggest the most optimal solutions. We want you to feel comfortable, to be satisfied, and to place your trust in us.

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Dental fillings and dental treatment

Composite (white) fillings are the standard nowadays. The tooth on which this type of filling has been placed aesthetically fits perfectly into the dental row, which achieves a natural appearance. Certain irregularities in the shape and position of the teeth can also be corrected with composite fillings. Such fillings are called veneers since they cover most of the visible part of the tooth. If you have a problem with the dental nerve and you need dental treatment (endodontics), don't worry. We explain the procedure in detail to all our patients, what and how it will be done. Sometimes the treatment is completed in one visit, and sometimes it is necessary to come two or more times. Endodontics is carried out using modern methods with the help of mechanical instruments, which shortens the visit time and makes the results of the therapy more successful.

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Meet Dr Brkic

Dr Jelena Brkić graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad - Department of Dentistry in 2011, with an average of 9.15. She did her internship at the Dental Clinic of Vojvodina, and briefly volunteered at the Bač Health Center.

As a polyvalent dentist, she worked in a private dental practice in Novi Sad, after which she decided to establish a practice of general dental medicine in 2022. She is a participant in many seminars and congresses for the purpose of continuous education and monitoring trends in modern dentistry.

8years of experience
9.36grade at Faculty of Dentistry
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