Oct 13, 2022

Dental fillings and dental treatment

Dr Jelena Brkić


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Composite (white) fillings are the standard nowadays. The tooth on which this type of filling has been placed aesthetically fits perfectly into the dental row, which achieves a natural appearance. Certain irregularities in the shape and position of the teeth can also be corrected with composite fillings. Such fillings are called veneers since they cover most of the visible part of the tooth. If you have a problem with the dental nerve and you need dental treatment (endodontics), don't worry. We explain the procedure in detail to all our patients, what and how it will be done. Sometimes the treatment is completed in one visit, and sometimes it is necessary to come two or more times. Endodontics is carried out using modern methods with the help of mechanical instruments, which shortens the visit time and makes the results of the therapy more successful.