Oct 13, 2022

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry aims to maintain the health of the mouth and teeth.

Dr Jelena Brkić


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Preventive dentistry aims to maintain the health of the mouth and teeth. It is aimed at suppressing factors that can impair the function of the chewing system, that is, it deals with the protection of the mentioned system. Motivation and training in maintaining oral hygiene is the basis of preventive dentistry. We will explain to you how to preserve your teeth in the best way and show them off proudly. Professional removal of plaque buildup should be carried out regularly. The aim of this intervention is to preserve and maintain the supporting partof the teeth as long as possible, i.e. to avoid or prolong the appearance of periodontal disease. Local application of fluoride involves coating the teeth with various gels and varnishes that contain high concentrations of fluoride. The aim of the intervention is to strengthen the resistance of the teeth to bacteria, and it is mainly carried out in the younger population. Fissure filling is a method used to protect newly erupted permanent teeth from the accumulation of food and plaque in their deepest parts. A certain material (fissure sealant) is placed on the surface of the tooth itself, and helps to preserve its health. It can also be performed on milk teeth. Making a splint (splint) for people who have bruxism, that is, who grind their teeth at night. Splints can reduce tear of dental tissue caused by grinding teeth, pain in muscles and joints, as well as headaches from the same cause. It can also be made for people who engage in contact sports in order to protect teeth from injury.