Oct 13, 2022


Dr Jelena Brkić


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If you are missing one or more teeth, we can solve the problem by making dental restorations. Depending on how many teeth are missing or if it's just an aesthetic problem, we make fixed and mobile restorations in our office. The priority is to restore normal chewing function and joint position, as well as aesthtics, which must meet standards and make the crowns indistinguishable from your natural ones teeth. Depending on the material from which they are made, crowns can be metal-ceramic and metal-free crowns - zircon crowns. Superior aesthetic results can be achieved with metal-free ceramic crowns, primarily due to the transparency of the material itself, which transmits light rays in almost the same way as dental tissues. There are cases when the arrangement of the teeth or the quality of the remaining teeth do not allow us to make a fixed restoration. Then it is possible, with the evaluation of the dentist, to create the so-called combined work consisting of crowns or bridges and a prosthesis that compensates for the toothless part of the jaw. With modern materials, it is almost impossible to notice which teeth are in the prosthesis and which are under the crowns, because the prosthesis is attached with special systems without hooks. If you don't have any of your teeth, by making total dentures we will restore your lost smile, facial harmony, and the lost function of the chewing system.