Oct 12, 2022

Teeth whitening

Dr Jelena Brkić


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Teeth whitening is a modern method that allows you to achieve brighter, whiter, more aesthetically pleasing teeth in a very simple and quick way. Whitening is an indispensable part of aesthetic dentistry, especially when patients are satisfied with the shape and position of their front teeth.

The causes of tooth discoloration can be internal (genetics, changes occurring during the formation of hard dental tissues, i.e. tooth development, mainly under the influence of medications), and external (lifestyle, consumption of colored products - food and drinks, cigarettes, inadequate oral hygiene). When the discoloration is limited to one tooth, it most often occurs as a result of trauma or dental treatment, i.e. endodontic therapy.

After you express your desire to achieve a few shades of lighter teeth, in agreement with the dentist, it will be determined which whitening method is the most acceptable for you, in accordance with expectations, current status, and lifestyle.

In office whitening method takes about an hour, while with home whitening, with the help of tooth whitening set and splints that you get from your dentist, you can organize your own time. Of course, sometimes a combination of these two methods is needed, in order to meet the patient's expectations and achieve a perfectly bright smile.

It is necessary to know that before whitening it is necessary to remove plaque buildup, repair all defects, also important information is that whitening will not whiten existing fillings in the mouth, as well as crowns, and it is necessary to consult a dentist about this intervention.

The preparations we use in the office are from a renowned manufacturer, they are very safe for hard dental tissues, they provide fairly long shade stability, minimal hypersensitivity, and are very easy to use. An important fact is that they have an almost neutral PH (they do not damage the enamel), and they have an integrated formula for significantly reduced sensitivity, so the use of additional preparations generally is not needed.

The effect of teeth whitening can last for years and it is in correlation with your habits, i.e. proper oral and dental hygiene, as well as the habit of consuming colored drinks. It is noticeable that the patients who whitened their teeth significantly reduced the intake of pigments through food and drinks voluntarily, and that the patients did not return to their initial tooth color.